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concrete forming

The superior hardwood strength properties of Finnish White Birch combined with thin multiple veneer panel construction makes FinnForm the benchmark for quality in the plywood forming industry. The 220g/m2 phenolic surface film on both faces provides very high reusability while producing good, well-compacted concrete. That is why architects and specifiers select FinnForm for high profile concrete projects throughout the country. There is only one FinnForm—easily identified by its red colored film faces. FinnForm is available in thicknesses from 1/4" to 1 1/2". Standard sizes are 8'x4', 5'; 10'x4', 5'; 12'x4', 5'

A special FinnForm panel is available for re-plying metal framed forms. This is FinnForm Reply, manufactured in full 1/2" thickness, 4'x8' size (face grain runs the length direction). The durability of FinnForm plywood out performs HDO and lasts longer. So, when replacing (re-plying) your metal framed forms, FinnForm Reply is the way to upgrade your forms.

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Plywood and Door Legal Notice  Plywood and Door